Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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In advance of the Holiday this week, I wanted to share the roast turkey recipe that I have been using for the last several years. Using the bed of celery under the turkey, along with the seasonings, herbs, and vegetables both inside and outside of the turkey, make the most amazing broth (drippings). It truly makes a huge difference in the flavor of the gravy! 

Although this recipe calls for a 14 pound bird, I have used it successfully for a larger bird, as much as 25 pounds, with just a couple of modifications:

1. Temperature:  I would not advise using 425 degrees for a larger than 14 lb. bird. Instead, set your oven to 375. This is still higher than the 325 degrees you would normally use, but it has worked out great for me. Since you aren't roasting the stuffing inside the bird (NEVER do that, it's not considered safe food practices), the higher temperature works just fine. Please don't skip the basting the cavity and exterior step....this is important when roasting at a higher heat.

2. The amount of ingredients in the "For the Pan" step can remain the same, but you may want to increase the amounts of seasoning in the "For the Turkey" section. Just use your judgement....this is cooking, not baking, you have some leeway here!

3. The recipe does not include a gravy recipe as the chef suggests just straining the drippings and serving the "au jus" but my family would never let me get away with that! Just use the delicious broth that is created for your favorite gravy recipe. I promise you it will be one of the best turkey gravies you have ever made!

Here's the link to the recipe! Please let me know if you decide to try it!

Pam Ginsberg's No-Fuss Roast Turkey